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A Practical Dutch Grammar


You want to start learning Dutch and you just discovered there is a wide range of courses available ... in English. But what if English is not your strongest point? What if you need to translate everything you read from English into your own language and vice versa in order to learn Dutch? It might become quite a confusing experience!

Therefore, we offer you an easily accessible Dutch grammar translated into your own language. The translations are based on Yolande Spaans, A Practical Dutch Grammar, Primavera Press Leiden, 2007, only available as a book (ISBN 978-90-5997-040-3).


The grammar has about 85 pages including Appendices. Basic topics like spelling, word order, verbs, articles, nouns and adjectives, pronouns, negation and the forming of complex sentences are presented in a clear way and illustrated with many examples. The Appendices contain lists of frequently used irregular verbs, numerals, prepositions and adverbs, practical information about dates and time, and common exclamations.


You may download and print these translations from our website for the purpose of your own personal use only, provided you keep intact all and any copyright and propriety notices.

You may not copy, reproduce or republish this grammar, both on paper and electronically, or make it available to others in any way. You may also not create deeplinks to any translation on our website from any other website.

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